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We are Long Island IT Support. After hearing from friends and family about how adept at computers I was, and how well the industry paid, it was only natural to try and find out more.

I attended an informal orientation meeting that was advertised in the local newspaper at the IT training facility here in Frederick. I soon became very focused on obtaining some education in the information technology industry.

I proceeded to use my meeting with IT to measure other possible training facilities. It soon became quite clear, considering the criteria I had set up, that there was absolutely no competition. IT was at the top of the list in all cases.

Looking back, I am so glad that I chose this facility. Needless to say, this was a daunting task I had set before myself. To attempt a change of careers is one thing, but to enter the world of computers, a place I personally knew nothing about, was terrifying to say the least. The people at IT were very helpful. Kristi Jacobs, the Center Director at the time, answered my questions tirelessly when I was unsure of myself before ever committing to the classes. Van Jacobs was there when I needed to be redirected, and he saved me tremendous grief, frustration, as well as kept me from wasting my time. Marsha, the administrative assistant was very helpful, always had a bright and cheerful attitude, and was extremely supportive when it came time for the tests. She is a very special person. And last, but certainly not least was my instructor, who made the entire course interesting, informative, and fun. Without him, I am quite certain passing the tests and getting my certification would have been an aggravating and onerous task.

Thank you everyone, it wouldn't have been possible without you.