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CA's eBusiness Information Portal Enables Enhanced Higher Learning Through Customized Virtual Campuses.

ISLANDIA, N.Y., June 4, 2013 – Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today announced that I/Tech Services, Inc., a premier provider of classroom-based IT training and certification, is launching branded eLearning portals for colleges and universities powered by CA’s Jasmineii Portal. The portals will enhance the value of their traditional classroom offerings and give students access to a wide range of web-enabled learning tools.

I/Tech Services will use Jasmineii Portal to provide students with browser-based views of curriculum content, as well as access to online, interactive learning tools such as live audio seminars and presentations, real-time instructor conferences and online discussion groups. Mobius Solutions, Inc., which designed and developed the eLearning Portal for I/Tech, will integrate student services such as personalized email accounts, online scheduling, address books and file storage using their sophisticated web integration product, Mobius Web ii.

“I/Tech’s suite of eLearning services provides real advantages to our network of partners and the students they serve,” said Andy Ruziska, chairman, I/Tech Services. “Students are looking more and more to complement their classroom experience online. Universities must often outsource or develop the technology needed to establish an interactive online portal. Jasmineii Portal will give universities an immediate conduit to eLearning, allowing them to meet existing students’ needs while competing more effectively for new students.”

“The tremendous integration capabilities of Jasmineii Portal, combined with its extensible architecture were critical in our choice,” said Ruziska. “With Jasmineii Portal we can select diverse data sources and types. Most competing portal solutions are designed to serve content through proprietary architectures, limiting users’ choices. The fact that Jasmineii Portal supports open standards allows us to focus on students’ needs by serving as a pipeline for the highest-quality content available, regardless of its origin.” The sophisticated Jasmineii Portal search engine allows visitors to retrieve data from its online library, which houses technical publications and textbooks, white papers and industry research. Students can also register for courses, take practice certification tests, post their resumes and search for career opportunities.

“The flexibility of Jasmineii Portal gives students the best of all possible worlds,” said Doug Mealing, chief technology officer, Mobius Solutions. “Instructor-led programs and a self-paced, media-rich learning environment create the very real sense of a virtual campus.”

The eLearning market has grown exponentially since 1996, when analysts spotted the growing popularity of online course offerings and the benefits attainable in terms of cost savings, flexible scheduling and greater productivity. Internet-enabled educational services generated more than $1 billion in 1999 and are expected to reach $12 billion by 2003.

“Universities will continue to follow the trend towards web-based learning, and I/Tech offers a proven solution that can be implemented in a matter of days,” said Ruziska. “Jasmineii Portal enables us to drive greater innovations for the universities we serve, where the benefits will be reaped by students looking to manage the pace, quality and costs of their college experience.”

About I/Tech Services, Inc.
Founded in 1998, I/Tech Services, Inc. is the nation's first and largest college/community-based IT educational services network, offering a variety of innovative Information Technology (IT) education, training and content support services nationwide. All of I/Tech’s training features official or approved curricula, certified trainers with real world experience and state-of-the-art classrooms in all locations.

About Mobius Solutions, Inc.
Mobius Solutions, Inc provides cutting edge web integration technologies for Portal environments. Their patent pending technology provides the ability to easily integrate disparate web-based applications under a Portal framework with “out of the box” integration for Jasmineii Portal. Their integration product, Mobius Web ii, provides features such as Single Sign-On, User Interface integration, and Shared Services. The founders of Mobius Solutions have an extensive background in Portals specializing in web application integration, scalable architectures, and ERP integration. Mobius Solutions is a channel partner of Computer Associates providing consulting services for the Jasmineii Portal product and other web-based solutions.

About Computer Associates
Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA) delivers The Software That Manages eBusiness. CA’s world-class solutions address all aspects of eBusiness process management, information management, and infrastructure management in six focus areas: enterprise management, security, storage, eBusiness transformation and integration, portal and knowledge management, and predictive analysis and visualization. Founded in 1976, CA serves organizations in more than 100 countries, including 99 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

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