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How to Build CMS with Dreamweaver?

CMS or (Content Management System) is a computer program used since the late 1990s for the creation, publishing, editing, and maintenance of an interface. CMS is commonly used in blogs, news websites, and shopping portals. It is said that CMS is helpful, especially because it lessens the need for hand coding of pages and elements of a website.

On the other hand, Dreamweaver is a site-building tool developed by Adobe Systems, which is useful for web designers starting at the intermediate level. Building a CMS (Content Management System) have been known to cause headaches to designers because the plug-ins can be quite constrictive. Luckily, there is now the Dreamweaver CMS integration. With this CMS extension for Dreamweaver, can be a little bit easier. There are also Dreamweaver CMS plugins that can make the coding a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the steps to create CMS template Dreamweaver for WordPress:

  1. Open the Dreamweaver software.
  2. To start a new website project go to “Site” then “New Site”.
  3. Add a new site and set the configuration of the remote server.
  4. Enter the FTP details to be able to connect to the remote server of your website.
  5. Download all the files of your website. You can find all the files at “Windows” then “Files”.
  6. Select the index.php and click on the “Live View” option. This will allow you to look at the changes that you make. The “Design” panel will display your website and the “Code” panel will show the file’s source codes. Learn about more controls to navigate Dreamweaver better.
  7. When you have a good grasp of what the controls can do, open a file and edit its code.
  8. Save the changes that you make and view the outcome.

Additional tips:

  • Reading about and memorizing shortcuts or hot keys will make the use of Dreamweaver easier.
  • When in doubt, put your questions out there. Another web designer is bound to answer your query.
  • Make sure that your Adobe Dreamweaver is updated and a legitimate version so that your work with not be interrupted or corrupted in the future.
  • Aside from checking the Dreamweaver version that you have, make sure that it is installed properly and that, all the files that you need are within your reach.

In case you would like to learn more about how to build CMS with Dreamweaver, there are still plenty of other places to find information such as:

  • YouTube tutorials
  • Adobe Dreamweaver website
  • Coding forums and chat rooms
  • CMS and web design blogs

There are many great things about designing CMS (Content Management System) such as:

  • The codes are easier to read, edit, and run through with other designers who might be doing editing at a later time.
  • The result of CMS made with Dreamweaver is the same quality that lets website owners and site visitors have a seamless experience of the site.
  • It is also helpful that there are many troubleshooting tips and tricks offered by Adobe and other more experienced web designers who love Dreamweaver.
  • Although there is a bit of a learning curve, once you get the hang of it, using Dreamweaver is pretty easy.